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Unlocking Accessibility Through Precise Transcription 

At Precision AI, we pioneer cutting-edge artificial intelligence to improve the way we engage with information. Our AI system is boasts a remarkable >99% accuracy in transcribing audio content. But it's not just about accuracy; it's about inclusivity, speed, and adaptability.

Why Precision AI?

Precision AI is on a mission to break down barriers. We believe that access to accurate information should be universal. Through our innovative AI solutions, we aim to empower individuals, ensuring that information is not just accessible but tailored to individual needs.

  • Experience: Our founders bring a wealth of experience from diverse fields, ensuring our solutions are not just technologically advanced but also grounded in real-world needs.

  • Innovation: We don't follow trends; we set them. Our AI system is at the forefront of innovation, redefining what's possible in transcription technology.

  • Accessibility Focus: Our commitment to accessibility is personal. We understand the challenges and are driven to create solutions that genuinely make a difference in people's lives.


Join us at Precision AI as we embark on a journey to redefine accessibility, one transcription at a time.


Our Features

Adaptability, Inclusivity and Speed 


Punctuation and Formatting 

Accessible transcription isnt just about words, it's about clarity. Our system adds punctuation, removes utterances, spaces lines appropriately ensuring documents are not just accurate, but easy to comprehend.


Precise Recognition

Our system recognises and accurately transcribes specialised terminology ensuring nuances of each industry is accurately captured. We prioritise accessibility for all and so our AI excels at recognising and translating strong accents ensuring comprehension of text is clear. 



We undertand the importance of customisation. All of our transcripts are provided as an editable document, allowing you to make edits and tailor the content to your needs, such as translating into another language or copying and pasting extracts.


Speed and Accuracy 

Our AI sets the bar high, delivering transcription accuracy of at least 99%. We understand time is of the essence and so we can provide short turnaround times.

Meet Our Founders

Precision AI was founded by Sandev and Solyman, professionals with a wealth of experience in technology, higher education and healthcare settings. Drawing from personal challenges and professional expertise in content accessibility, they are committed to reshaping the landscape of accessible content.

Our Services

Our Services

At Precision AI, we don't just develop AI; we understand its real-world implications. Our team's expertise lies in higher education, healthcare and law, where the need for accurate, accessible information is paramount. We've walked in the shoes of those facing accessibility challenges, and now, we're dedicated to paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Transcription for Education

Our transcription service has been designed to suit the education sector. We provide accurate transcriptions of lectures and audio content to ensure students and staff have access to all necessary information.

Transcription for Healthcare

We provide accurate and reliable transcriptions of medical dictations, expert-led sessions, webinars etc. Our system recognises specialist terms and strong accents to ensure accurate transcriptions.

Transcription for Legal

We provide accurate and reliable transcriptions of legal meetings, hearings, and interviews. Our AI system recognises legal terminology to ensure accurate transcriptions.

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