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Sector Applications  


In the education and training sector, Precision AI serves as a transformative force, bridging accessibility gaps and enhancing the learning experience. Imagine a lecture where intricate subject matter is seamlessly transcribed with more than 98% accuracy, ensuring that students can revisit and comprehend complex concepts effortlessly. Our AI system's ability to recognise and transcribe specialised terms in fields such as medicine and law caters specifically to the nuanced vocabulary prevalent in higher education. Moreover, the system's proficiency in handling strong accents ensures that students, whether home or international, can fully engage with course content, overcoming language barriers. The rapid turnaround time from audio clip to editable document empowers educators and learners to adapt the content to suit their needs such as running through a translation software. Precision AI, founded by individuals with direct experience in higher education settings, stands as a testament to our commitment to improve the educational landscape, making learning materials more accessible, inclusive, and efficient for both educators and learners alike.


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, Precision AI emerges as a cornerstone in fostering accessibility and knowledge dissemination. Picture a medical staff webinar or an expert talk, where our advanced AI system flawlessly transcribes critical discussions at an impressive >98% accuracy. This not only preserves the integrity of the information but also allows medical professionals to revisit and analyse crucial insights with ease. The system's specialisation in recognising and transcribing medical terminology ensures that the intricacies of healthcare discussions are accurately captured. Beyond traditional applications, our AI solution plays a pivotal role in supporting digital and educational strategies. Whether it's internal expertise-sharing sessions or training modules, the rapid turnaround time from recorded audio to editable documents streamlines the creation of educational resources. This not only facilitates continuous learning for healthcare professionals but also contributes to a culture of knowledge sharing within the institution. Precision AI, founded by individuals with firsthand experience in healthcare settings, stands at the forefront of advancing education, ultimately enhancing patient care through accessible and accurate information.


Legal documents require precision and accuracy. Our AI system goes beyond general transcription by recognising and accurately transcribing specialised legal terms, ensuring precision in the documentation of legal proceedings and discussions. Beyond the courtroom, our solution becomes a cornerstone in supporting digital and educational strategies for legal professionals. Whether it's internal training sessions, expert knowledge-sharing, or the creation of legal educational content, the system's ability to rapidly convert audio into an editable documents streamlines the process, allowing legal practitioners to focus on the intricacies of the law rather than spending valuable time on transcription.


In the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of the media industry, Precision AI emerges as a transformative force, reshaping the way content is transcribed and shared. Imagine a scenario where interviews, podcasts, and media discussions are transcribed with an exceptional >98% accuracy, capturing every nuance and detail of the conversation. Our AI system is tailored to recognise and transcribe industry-specific jargon and terminology, ensuring that media professionals can effortlessly transform spoken content into accurate written form.


Beyond traditional media, our solution extends its reach into the realm of social media. With the ability to rapidly transcribe audio content, media organisations and influencers can enhance their social media presence by easily converting spoken words into shareable, accessible text. This not only streamlines content creation but also ensures that the audience can engage with and share content more effectively.

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